From first january to 15th march you can enroll to the ultra rail which promises to give more emotions and thrill with a big news on the track

Registration to the second edition of Dolomiti Sky Run, the new and the most beatiful trail according to a lot of peole, will officially open on January 1st 2015.

A 130 km track along the legendary Alta Via number 1, Unesco World Heritage Site, the challenge will take place from 3rd to 5th July 2015 and it has been created and organised by the Dolomiti Sky Run Sports nonprofessional Association affiliate to the Coni and AICS.

The race surrounded by a unique and breathtaking scenography will put the athletes to the test, they will take on this challenge and face their own limits to conquer the competition, its beautiful places and its amazing walking routes, walking or running in half self-sufficency.

Confirmed even for this new edition the fascinanting path will take the runners from Braies (Bolzano) to Belluno with a great news: the National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi has given the organization the permission to  change the last and final stage from Duran to Belluno, which was modified the last year due to weather conditions, so the athletes will cross through the Van di Città, a natural reserve distinguish itself for the environmental quality and the originality of the landscape (isolated and silent high-mountain nival basins).

Online registration, as said before, will start from January 1st until May 15th.

People can join the race as single or in medley relay run made of 2 or 3 partecipants (male, female or mixed gender).

The registration fee are 90 euros for single and 160 euros for relay until March 15th, whereas from March 16th to May 16th the fee will go up to 110 euros single and 200 euros relay.

A special discount is available for who partecipated the last editon, if they sign up by February 18th the fee will cost 80 euros.

This amazing three days race on the beautiful Dolomiti mountain skyline is one of the cheapest competition of its kind, thanks to the organization efforts to offer an unforgettable sport experience from all points of view.

The entire race track, 130 kilometers with 10.330 meters of positive gradient (it means it goes up) and 11.200 of negative gradient. A challenge to live high in adrenaline and in high-fly up to 2.580 meters in the heart of Dolomiti Mountains as Fanis, Croda Rossa, Tofane, Cinque torri, Nuvolau, Pelmo, Civetta, Moiazza, San Sebastiano, Tamer, e Schiara.

The highest point of the track will be after almost 40 km: where the athlets will arrive at Lagazuoi shelter (2580 m). The race will go on through the Falzarego pass, in the direction of the Averau shelter; then through Mount Pelmo (first Dolomite peak to be climbed; it was in 1857 when the Irish John Ball bravely climbed it), the Sonnino shelter, a breathtaking panoramic viewpoint, where enthusiasts can enjoy the massive northern face of mount Civetta. Following Mount Pelmo and Sonnino shelter, there are a couple of small slopes through forests, scree slopes and meadows, followed by some further hills, right before the final stage with the spectacular view of Van de Città and then the arrival in Belluno.


Enrollment and track details at News and updates will be constantly posted also on the Facebook fanpage where it will be aired a live chatting on the next month in order to answer all the questions about the sites, the route, the training, the technical equipment and everything about this sport and event.

At this web link you can see a teaser video of Dolomiti Sky run 2015:

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